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  • Game Review: Joe Danger
    Game Review: Joe Danger
    Joe Danger is a daring and wild racing game that you may have played on your PS3 or Xbox. After being released on iOS some 2 years ago it has finally made it’s way to Android. After purchasing it as part of the Humble Mobile...
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  • Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review
    Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review
    I’ve been using this device for about 3 1/2 weeks now and I’m ready to share my opinion of this heavily anticipated device with you. There is a movement among many android fans that have people searching for phones with high end specs for midrange...
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  • Cut the cord - HBO Now
    Cut the cord – HBO Now
    Are you a cord cutter or someone looking to cut the cord? In case you didn’t know, people who choose to abandon the high prices of their cable and satellite providers to use cheaper streaming services are called cord cutters. Among the top options for...
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  • The Asus Zenfone 2 - Unboxing
    The Asus Zenfone 2 – Unboxing
      Look at my new toy! Yes, it’s the Asus Zenfone 2. When it was announced at CES in January, there was a lot of hype around it, particularly for the 4GB version. I wasn’t able to get my hands on that version but I’m...
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